It’s Aquarius season. Illustrations by Chloe Kuka.

A new haircut will be an opportunity to reckon with your life choices. The scissors are not winnowing your future; each snip may beckon growth.

It’s time to bulldoze your expectations and cut the bullshit. Taking that first step will make you ebullient.

You deserve a temper tantrum every once in a while. Scream into your pillow and sleep better. You should probably get a library card so you can stop buying so many books. 

This spring is not about your aching FOMO, ambitious moon child. The stars’ gifts for 2019 rely on settling into stable routines. Go to sleep before 2 a.m.

You messed up big time this winter. That’s okay; spring is your time to make amends and be cautious. Go get tested and apologize to the friends you’ve been avoiding, drama queen.

There’s this newfangled slang you should try using sometime — it’s called “no.” It’s okay that you don’t like black coffee as much as you wish you did. You are better than you think you are.

Every year you say, “New year, new me,” but you never live up to it. Take a chance and put your heart on the line this spring. But love yourself — don’t get involved with a Pisces.

We recommend switching your Mac to dark mode (if you have a Mac). Regardless of whether you have a Mac or not, your desktop wallpaper is way overdue for a change.

You are a pond, but soon you will break into a ripple. Time to take a trip, specifically to Quebec. Let your nose run.

You’re dwelling on something that doesn’t deserve your attention. Read a good book, eat some dark chocolate and move on.

It’s time to pick up your anchor and heed the siren call of self-fulfillment. Tempests are temporary; open your sails boldly and let the wind guide you to unknown sublimities.

Stop being wishy-washy, and don’t be afraid to dive right into the water. Stop wavering and just pick a restaurant.