It’s Scorpio season. Illustrations by Ken Farfan.

Stop seeking adventure and start seeking a life.

You’re not a doormat; shake yourself free of other people’s dirt.

Pull your head out of the clouds and connect with those around you.

Don’t let insecurities hold you back. Once you allow yourself to be successful, you will be.

Listen with curiosity. You’ll realize you didn’t know as much as you thought.

You don’t need to replace your toothbrush as often as you do. 

It’s high time you pick a fight; take those scales and become a reptile.

When has swiping right ever worked for you? Get off Tinder; go outside.

You can always travel later, when you have more money and time. For now, stay put: Look for something new in the old. 

Your heart wants to keep working, but your mind is telling you to stop. Listen. Soon you won’t have a choice.

Tell a lie for once. It will be liberating. 

Take a plunge in the sea while the weather is still hot; soon it will be too cold to breathe.