It’s scorpion season. Illustrations by Caroline Gaspich.

As fall comes upon us and we slip into our favorite sweaters and those final months of the year, it’s inevitable that every sign will be doing some soul-searching and evaluation. What will the signs see when reflecting back? And what should they look towards in the year to come? This horoscope will help you delve in and unpack your past, present and future. •

Past // You walked around in circles until you felt better, but the better feeling only lasted about five minutes and then you were back to circles again, chasing that feeling of accomplishment.

Present // Talk to yourself more. Staying silent when you are by

yourself causes you to be less aware.

Future // There will come a time when you’ve had enough, and

everyone will know that they need to stay the hell out of your way.

Past // You did the right thing even when it was difficult.

Present // Don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. There is still work to be done.

Future // You will receive a gift in the form of an opportunity to change your mind about something. Be careful or you will squander it. You will have three days surrounding the next full moon before your mind is sealed on this forever.

Past // You believed it was all a learning experience and you were grateful, but maybe there was more to it than that.

Present // See it from the other side. Who was watching? Who was listening?

Future // If you go to the end of the earth who will follow you? This is whose hand you will need to hold when the winter comes and the weather becomes less and less predictable. If it is only you, you will have to hold your own hand.

Past // It was easier. It was a simpler time. But no it wasn’t. It was complicated; you just conveniently forgot all the details that made you insane.

Present // Sit on the ground, and close your eyes. Go back to that moment you keep repeating over and over again. Imagine you made the right decision. Now open your eyes. You’re still here. Now what?

Future // You will remember everything exactly as it happened and then forget immediately because that’s what you do best. This is how memories work. Remember this every time you think you might forget.

Past // You were on top of the world looking down at the chaos below, removed and yet the center of attention. Looking back, you know you would have done anything to stay there for the rest of your life.

Present // Now that you’re lost in the corn maze of reality, you are fighting hard. You hear the sounds in the distance and you cannot tell if they are beckoning you out of the fields or deeper towards the center.

Future // If you wish to succeed, you will need to sit down and take a break. Look up at the stars. They will guide you back to where you belong.

Past // There was something holding you back, keeping you from moving on to the next phase.

Present // Now that the burden has been lifted, you see the vast expanse ahead of you is equal parts pitfall and opportunity. These are indistinguishable. You start to wonder if there is an important difference between the two at all.

Future // You will look at it like a challenge, but you can’t take charge in your usual way. You must proceed with caution if you hope to find what you’re looking for.

Past // You looked for something new in an old place, expecting a different outcome. But you needed to give it one more try, if only to learn how to accept that particular kind of failure.

Present // Change is imminent now, you can feel it in your bones.

Future // Nothing will happen just by speaking it into existence. The things you keep telling yourself only become reality when you close your mouth and look the great beyond directly in the eye.

Past // Someone you thought you trusted let you down, and you had every right to be upset with them.

Present // That doesn’t mean you have the right to be upset with everyone. Discern which feelings are necessary and which are not.

Future // Look for the empty room that will appear in your heart after you have spent months searching for the solution. There you will carve out a new space.

Past // A fresh start was not what you really needed, but you made one anyway in the interest of thrill over hope.

Present // You are tempted to make another in the coming months.

Future // But be warned, doing this will only make things worse, and you will spend weeks watching the moon shift and change to remind yourself that nothing is ever permanent.

Past // There was never enough time to do the things that needed to be done.

Present // Time is money. Literally. It costs you fiscally and emotionally to give it away and watch it waste.

Future // Beware of the enticing thrills of social status. They will ultimately bring you misery if you are not careful who you trust with your time.

Past // You stumbled off the beaten path this week because that is your usual way of doing things, but you lost your way and had to admit that you weren’t quite as sure as you usually are.

Present // You’re probably feeling a little confused, but this is a good thing for you. You know better than anyone that you thrive on uncertainty.

Future //  As you bravely step into the dark, your eyes will adjust and you will develop a new set of adaptations. They will stick with you for years and in a way you will be glad it all happened exactly like that.

Past // It became clear to you the last time you woke up with that empty feeling that you hadn’t planned adequately for the possibility of defeat.

Present // “Have I lost myself again?” you wonder, but the mere question is a reminder that your mind is still there, as strong as ever in the shifting tides.

Future // You’ll have to start making decisions sometime. You can start tomorrow, though it might feel like that’s already too late.