What the hell is The Fine Print, anyway? When people ask me what we’re about, I catch myself spitting out empty buzzwords.

“We’re an alternative, um, monthly… independent… progressive, eh… nonprofit… student-run magazine… publication… newspaper… thing. And we’re progressive. Wait, did I already say that?”

Fine print literally refers to the tiny text you might overlook in an otherwise deceptive document. We’re here to take that text and put it in Futura, size 72, and shove it in your face. Following current events can be exhausting, especially at the local level. It’s easy to miss something important.

Take the Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site, a 90-acre stretch of industrial property so polluted that the EPA considers it a health hazard to the residents of Northwest Gainesville. Months ago, our reporters investigated the issue in multiple installments. We compressed thirty years of conflict between concerned neighborhood residents and company representatives into two neatly packaged stories. Our work is far from done – the issue is as volatile today as it was in March.

In the meantime, Gainesville Regional Utilities has proposed the construction of a biomass plant. Is this a cost-effective, renewable source of energy or an environmental and economic disaster waiting to happen? There’s no simple answer.

If you’re concerned about subjects like these, check our website for updates and look out for the next issue, which comes out in January. In the current issue, you’ll find photography and reporting on a wide range of topics, from Gainesville’s tattoo culture and punk scene to the ethics behind UF’s engineering research and where its funding comes from. You’ll gain a new perspective on the injustice behind the meal limits imposed on Gainesville’s homeless residents, as well as a look into the concept of green burials, a radically eco-friendly way to secure your afterlife.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the cover, it’s because dinosaurs are freaking cool. End of story.