Courtesy of WellFlorida

Courtesy of WellFlorida

WellFlorida Council is a Gainesville-based nonprofit focused on building healthy communities. We are North Central Florida’s local health council and statewide consultants for health causes.

Established in 1969, we are one of Florida’s 11 local health councils, a network of nonprofit agencies that conduct regional health planning and implementation activities. Our district includes 16 counties in North Central Florida.

As consultants for health causes, we have kept local and state health policy decision-makers informed; worked with hundreds of community coalitions; and provided services to organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sector for more than 40 years.

We oversee local, state and federally funded programs, as well as special projects and nonprofits throughout the region that support our mission. We also support the causes we believe in, including maternal and infant health; HIV and AIDS care; and improving health care access to those in rural communities and to the uninsured.

We encourage students and the general public to access the following free resources provided through our various programs and projects:

  • Health insurance marketplace navigators. Navigators help weigh insurance options and enroll you in a plan that fits your needs and budget. Visit for upcoming enrollment events.
  • An online personal health record (PHR). Patients can sign up for this free PHR, which also serves as a longitudinal medical record with robust health information exchangeHIE tools for health care providers. Learn more at
  • Resources for cancer patients and families. The online cancer resource guide for North Central Florida lists local, regional and national resources available to cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and family members. Visit
  • Health-related data for North Central Florida. Data is available by county on our website and is intended to be used for research, program development activities and grant writing. Visit and select “Get Data Now.”

WellFlorida’s mission is to forge partnerships in planning, research and services that build healthier communities. Partnerships have included the development of Federally Qualified Health Centers; a regional health information exchange; chronic disease management programs; and safety net health care services.

We work in partnership with government agencies, community-based organizations, and health care and educational facilities, including the University of Florida. WellFlorida has a history of working with UF on health-related projects, and our CEO and COO both lecture at the university. Many students have earned internships with us in the fields of public health, marketing, journalism and public relations.

Learn more about WellFlorida by visiting our website, reading our blog and “liking” us on Facebook.