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Leela and The Rams

Strawberry Fingers


Released/ Jan. 30, 2013
Recorded at/ A spare room in Emily’s house
Sounds like/ Modest Mouse, Florence & the Machine
Inspiration/ Paul McCartney, Islands, Rubblebucket
Key tracks/ “No Troubles”, “Watches & Clocks”
Where to get it/ $5 on Bandcamp
Upcoming shows/ see Facebook for future shows

Vocals, Piano & Guitar/ Leela Dawson
Guitar/ Jaime Tucker
Drums/ Justin Stirrat
Bass/ Alejandro Ellis
Saxophone & Backup Vocals/ Emily Price
Trumpet/ Patrick Oberlin

Leela and the Rams is a soulful and eclectic indie rock group with angelic vocals backed by harmonies reminiscent of a mixture of Queen and Fleet Foxes. “We all have completely different musical influences,” says Jaime. Each member draws from his or her own unique background, dipping into genres such as jazz, blues, 70s pop and contemporary indie. The result? A delightful, layered auditory concoction that is guaranteed to make your heart sing like a migratory field sparrow.
Strawberry Fingers is a resplendent EP spanning themes of prophecy, rapture, love and loss. In “No Troubles,” you can practically feel your heart breaking. “I can’t lose you/I can’t live with the thought in my head,” Leela sings, inspiring goosebumps and a profound evocation of youthful and everlasting love.
What is most remarkable about Leela and the Rams is their ability to produce a complex and mature record, despite their limited resources and time. Strawberry Fingers was mastered, mixed and produced by the band members themselves. “Everything is very DIY. We recorded the EP in a studio we built using our own equipment in a spare room in Emily’s house.”  The band unofficially formed in October 2012, started playing shows and acquiring a couple of new members in November and then recorded their EP in a less than a month.
With talent rawer than a bag of Ward’s baby carrots, Leela and the Rams is definitely a band to watch. “This is all we’ve ever wanted to do,” said Leela. It shows.


Euglossine Dance District

Release Date/ March 2013
Recorded At/ Church of Holy Colors
Sounds like/ Royksopp, Aphex Twin
Inspiration/ Tangerine Dream, Stereolab
Key tracks/ “Fauna Soiree”, “Tetrasporangia”
Where to get it/ Bandcamp, iTunes or Soundcloud
Name/ Tristan Whitehill

If you like psychedelic electronica that is “fun for your mind,” wait until you hear Euglossine. Drawing inspiration from electronic music from the 1960s and 70s, as well as the fascinating and complex realm of biology, Tristan Whitehill seeks to create music that takes the listener to a beautiful, unfamiliar place. “Reality is an important part of life,” he said, “but I want to be able to craft things that don’t or couldn’t possibly exist, like impossible imaginary environments. Every song is dedicated to summoning that place.”
While his music is lush with cosmic experimental vibes, it is grounded with terrestrial sounds, as well. Interdimensional birds digitally chirp throughout “Holy Days (Thankful waves)”, and “Church Trax” conjures images of prismatic crystal waterfalls rushing to your ears. “My music really used to be influenced by the cosmos, but then I realized… there’s no sound in space,” Tristan chuckled. “After that, I started thinking about life on Earth and getting inspired by that.”
Euglossine also relies upon friends and family for inspiration, by whom he is constantly humbled. He is affiliated with The Church of Holy Colors, where he frequently performs, surrounding himself with “people who make art the way I make music.” The name Euglossine refers to the scientific name of orchid bees, a group of insects with which his father closely worked.
Creating a mixture of new age tropicalia and playful, synesthetic melodies, Euglossine certainly has a style like no other. “It’s not just music to me anymore,” he said. “It’s art.”

Flat Land

Flat Land EP

flat land

Release Date/ March 16, 2013
Recorded at/ Goldentone Studio
Sounds like/ The Black Keys, Fleetwood Mac
Inspiration/ Led Zeppelin, The Budos Band
Key tracks/ “Hypnotize Me”, “Everything You Wanted”
Where to get it/ Bandcamp
Upcoming shows/ see Facebook for future shows

Vocals & Guitar/ Zach Tucker
Vocals & Violin/ Fae Nageon De Lestang
Drums/ Grant McLeod
Bass/ Chris Pyle
Guitar/ Chris Storey

Flat Land is a southern funk group whose lively rhythms will surely move your soul and your feet. Many of their songs build until the end, beginning with a subtle but catchy melody and crescendoing into an elaborate, groovy finale.
“We want people to be able to dance and have a good time when we play,” said Fae. It’s true- using complex percussion, gritty guitar riffs, fiery vocals, and a dash of mysterious violin, these talented musicians are able to create irresistibly danceable jams.
Formed in 2011, Flatland is composed of artists with vastly different influences like afrobeat, 1970’s psychedelic, and contemporary alternative. Flatland stays true to their roots, deriving inspiration from southern folk and blues artists as well. Even their name is a reference to the Florida’s level topography.
With a sound groovier than James Brown at a hoedown, Flat Land is a band you don’t want to miss.