A local craft space provides the place and the means for artists to create. 

This March, local artists Samantha Kirkland and Jen Duerden opened up Thick as Thieves, a collective art/craft space located down depot avenue in an abandoned warehouse. The building is filled with tools, tables and other resources that they and other artists can use at any time. Kirkland and Duerden aim to open the place up the community, making the space available for other artists to work on anything from jewelry, to sculpture, to photography. They’ve even built a small lofted bed using wood from the Repurpose Project for people to sleep in as they work on their projects.

Currently, Kirkland and Duerden live in the space with Kirkland’s young daughter.

“We have worked so hard for this,” Kirkland said. “It’s been a dream of mine my entire life to have this space and raise my youngblood in a space where she can learn work ethic and passion firsthand.”