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Reality Bites

Description: Every Saturday night from 9pm to 11pm on Gainesville-and-Internet-based Grow Radio, perfectly-90s-monotoned host Olli chooses a movie theme and brings you soundtrack songs from that movie theme.  Most recent themes include “Queer,” “Lurve,” “Runaway,” and “90s Movies” which feature movie-favorites But I’m a Cheerleader, High Fidelity, Away We Go, Royal Tenenbaums and Girl, Interrupted.  She even throws in some lesser-known movies (to me at least) and you may too discover some new Queer, Lurve, Runaway or other themed movie you now lurve, too.
Quote from “Lurve”: “Today’s theme is lurve that’s l-u-r-v-e as in Woody’s Allen’s Annie Hall when she asks him if he loves her and he says, ‘Love is too weak a word for what I feel, I lurve you, I luff you, two ffs. Yes, I have to invent.’  So yeah, love songs, two hours of them. I’m sorry. Here we go.”
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Sum of Our Parts #1

Description: Sum of Our Parts #1 is the first zine from the local Gainesville chapter of the feminist group National Women’s Liberation. The zine features stories on the history of feminism in Gainesville, feminist culture articles on women in music, art and movies as well as an article from UF Graduate Assistants United women on their bargaining victory for family medical leave.
Quote from “Feminist Movies We Love to Watch”: “The chick flicks Hollywood tries to sell us are in fact not good for women. They fail to promote the idea that women are sentient human beings with similar humors, desires and thoughts as our fellow men. They do succeed in suggesting women get together and fight, or get together and discuss men, or do both at the same time.”
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Rock Camp for Girls Gainesville

Description: Rock Camp for Girls is a five-day camp that aims to boost girls and young women’s self-esteem, confidence and bad-assness through learning instruments, rocking a mic and learning to be a female tour de force. Rock Camp for Girls, though a national organization, requires communities to run the first year themselves before getting recognition and assistance on the national level and Gainesville women and music enthusiasts are already fundraising, advertising and organizing volunteer meetings. To volunteer, check out the next meeting at the website below.
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