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Female Trouble

Description: Awesome and sometimes giggly hosts, Lara and Meredith put together amazing sets of pumped up, mellowed out and always rad music — by females.

Quote from #2 Spooky Tunes: “You just heard the least spooky song of all time by Coven”

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Social Science Bites

Description: Renowned social scientists twist your mind and raise a brow. It’s not just jargonized common sense; it’s pretty darn cool. The most recent one is an interview with Steven Pinker, who, through his research, has determined the world is actually getting less violent. Um, what?

Quote from Steven Pinker: “Since rates of violence haven’t gone down to zero, there’s always enough to fill the news, and so our subjective impressions are out of whack with the statistical reality.”

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When the Nerds Go Marching In

Description: A totally awesome behind-the-scenes story of the Obama for America world-class tech team and how they coded and programmed the way to Barack Obama’s reelection.

Quote: “And if I’m going to do this and look like an idiot, I have to step up. Like, if we’re all at zero, I have to be at 10 because I have this stupid mustache.”

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Description: Hailed as the newspaper of the future, Prismatic brings you news from all over the web in a visual forever-scroll Tumblr way, personalized to your personal interests by syncing with either your Twitter or Facebook account and sprinkled with enough spontaneity and variety to keep you hooked.

Bonus: The iPhone app is pretty spectacular in design and in functionality; you can share articles via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter by pressing anywhere on the screen or can star and save for later.  And it’s free!

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