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  • You Reap What You Sew

    On June 19, local seamstresses Cori Kate and Nina Yagual, together known as Gosh Darn Seamstry, debuted their first collection at the Church of Holy Colors, formerly Daacha. The showcased pieces are made entirely from salvaged fabric.

  • DIY: Eco-friendly products for your vagina

    In the life of a college student, spring cleaning conveniently coincides with the end of spring semester. And while we considered barraging you with a roll-call of eco-conscious cleaners, who has the time to scrub the floors like a 1950s housewife? Not us. Instead, the Fine Print DIY staff is focusing on a more manageable interior space and the one most likely to be ignored during your spring cleaning: your vagina. Not to insinuate that it's dirty. Just cluttered. Cluttered with feminine hygiene products that are bleached with chemicals that can be absorbed during use and produce 300 pounds of trash in a woman's menstruating lifetime.