In this issue, you may notice there are, not one, but two original covers. To double your pleasure and double your summer fun, we doubled the cover and doubled the content; it’s a double issue!

This issue, as always, comes from our dedicated and talented staff of writers.  We can name all of them on one hand.  Seriously.  A publication, even one as small as ours, cannot sustain itself on a staff that can share one six-pack of beer.  We need the kind of staff that can at least get through an 18-pack without falling down.

We need you to help us.  Not just with getting through cases of beer, but with actual publication stuff.  We get it, you’re busy, you have school and work and a girlfriend/boyfriend/both, things to reblog or tweet about and a social life.  But we do, too.  We do the Fine Print because we get to make something that’s tangible, beautifully presented, informative and investigative and actually fun (sometimes, maybe after a bottle of wine).  We help our writers write, we help each other edit, and we become better at what we do.

If that’s not good enough for you, you can also receive school credit for working with us.   Why would you intern with The Fine Print opposed to another publication in Gainesville?  You will get absolute freedom to do what you want to do.  You won’t be asked to write recycled stories or to censor your viewpoint.  You can walk around town and write whatever the hell you want.  Just do it with purpose. We’ll work with you throughout the whole process of reporting, writing and editing and we won’t stop, literally, until both of us are completely satisfied with the end product.

If you’re not a writer, but you can do something, anything; illustrate or photograph, if you’re a web developer, a designer, a promoter, if you play in a band or have a sick talent for being extremely organized, talk to us.  We are so sparse, your ability to be enthusiastic and dedicated is good enough for us.

The Fine Print offers a chance for you to give a voice to the marginalized, to feature eccentric people and their projects, political or artistic, and to take on popular issues from a new angle.  The Fine Print lets you examine Gainesville from your own perspective and inform our readers of subjects and issues that would otherwise go unnoticed.

You can also get school credit.  Did we mention that?

Thanks for your support in the future and in the past,

The Fine Print Staff