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  • Meat in the Middle

    Jose Caraballo tried tempeh, the vegetarian soy product infiltrating menus all throughout town, for the first time at “The Farm,” a spiritual camp founded in Tennessee in the 1970s.

  • We Are What We Eat

    The "environment dollar" is a pretty big dollar. The sustainability mavens have managed a coup, selling "green" and "organic" to hipsters and sorority girls alike - and probably their affluent parents to boot. The adherents of "hipster wisdom" tend to have privileged backgrounds and leftish politics. The former makes them the perfect target for any sales pitch, while the latter leaves them susceptible to appeals to conscience. But behind the marketing coup is a real and growing anxiety about our mounting environmental calamity. People are driven to "organic" labels by well-founded concerns over the waste, pollution and adulteration that infect our food supply at every stage. Of course the solutions the marketers offer are mostly bogus, albeit highly profitable. A serious evaluation of our problems and the benefits of the products purported to solve them rarely fits their business model, so instead they wrap the products in emotional appeals to the customer's as a person of conscience.