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  • The Queer Activist Coalition

    The QAC is a politically motivated activist group at UF fighting for full civil and social equality for the LGBTQ community. We believe that discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity is not only unjust, but harmfully oppressive, yet the homosexual community remains one of the most marginalized communities in America today.

  • Voices of Segregation: How a UF Program is Preserving Florida’s Black History Through Those Who Lived It

    In January, UF's Office of the Provost awarded the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, SPOHP, with a $150,000 grant for a three-year research project that involves conducting and transcribing interviews in Alachua County and surrounding areas with black Americans who came of age during legal segregation. Most of the interviews will be conducted by UF students and put into a database accessible to students all over the world.

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  • Aid, not Guns, for Haiti

    Why is Haiti the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere? Why does the immense majority of Haitians live on less than $2 a day? Why does the capital of Port-au-Prince (which is built on a fault line) have no building codes to regulate proper building construction like similar cities? Why is the Obama administration sending thousands of troops to Haiti, instead of serious economic and humanitarian aid? Why are U.S. warships surrounding the waters off the coast and refusing to allow anyone to leave the island? The answers to all of these questions can be found in the long history of U.S. interventions in the first modern country to abolish slavery and establish a black republic.

  • No Cash, No Problem: bringing local food to everyone in Gainesville

    The High Springs Farmers Market is the only market in Florida that accepts federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, formerly known as food stamps. So everyone in High Springs has the opportunity to eat Florida-grown produce that's washed in in water, not pesticides, and bought from fellow citizens instead of a Super Wal-Mart. Although this isn't the case in Gainesville now, Florida Organic Growers (FOG) and its partners in the city and county have a plan to change this and join High Springs in setting the precedent for other Florida cities.

  • Out of Babylon

    “It was a war between gangs, where I come from,” he said. “We were foot soldiers... only the strong survived.” Tygur One, an underground rapper from east Gainesville, said music saved him from living the wrong kind of life.

  • Media (r)Evolution: The Future of the Fourth Estate According to Colin Whitworth

    Colin Whitworth started Moon Magazine, a free Gainesville alternative monthly that focused on local politics and entertainment, with four other journalists in 1990. He graduated from UF in the late '80s and worked at The Alligator during his college years, which he described as a "very idealistic place when it came to journalism." After graduation, Whitworth went to work at the daily paper in Leesburg. But he wasn't happy with his job at the profit-driven news organization, so he and some friends decided to start Moon Magazine, where Whitworth could focus on the in-depth reporting that got him into journalism in the first place.