A Call for Help
21 out of Florida's 28 state and community colleges don't offer on-campus counseling centers.
Down the Doughnut Hole

DACA's repeal left undocumented students in legal limbo. UF is neglecting to provide them institutional support.

The Law
of Beverages

Why haven't Florida's liquor laws
changed an ounce since the Prohibition era?
From the Ground Up

Panagioti Tsolkas and Karen Smith are organizing for environmental justice for prisoners.

Petition with Conviction

A coalition of local organizations and individuals are working to restore voting rights for felons.

Featured Posts

It’s Great to be a Nazi Hater

by Anne Marie Tamburro, December 5, 2017

As UF's fall semester winds down, The Fine Print takes a look back at the days leading up to, and the protest of, Richard Spencer's Oct. 19 speaking engagement at the Phillips Center.

Activism Community

Not-So-Secret Garden

by Anika Huda and Jordanne Laurito, November 18, 2017

Unlike some big-name national parks, whose tickets might be getting a $70 price tag in the coming year, you can leave your wallet at home for nearly all of our local flora and fauna haunts.

Community Environmental Guides